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When we feel stuck, empty, bored, frustrated with ourselves and we are unable to free ourselves, we tend to criticise and judge ourselves. This makes how we feel even worse. We judge and criticise quite mechanically. We all do it, We were never taught Revifer, the simple technique of how to get out of our stuckness.

How Revifer Can Help You

Yet it is a technique that has been taught for thousands of years in Buddhism and is now used in Counselling and Psychotherapy. It is the technique of Allowing. When we allow ourselves to feel just the way we are, whether that be stuck, or empty or bored or embarrassed or shameful or guilty, then there is less judgement and criticism. Without the judgement and criticism of ourselves the feeling we want to get rid of will sooner or later go away. It is only our judgement of ourselves that keeps us feeling stuck.

Revifer Method

Are you feeling bored, empty, moody, just stuck? If so, you are not alone. It is very common to feel like this. That doesn’t make it less uncomfortable, even painful. It isn’t just the feeling; it’s the thoughts that go with the feeling that make us even worse. We feel judged by others and we judge ourselves harshly. Such punishing judgement coming from all sides makes us feel even worse. We feel more worthless, embarrassed and ashamed, and it’s not surprising we dislike ourselves.

The problem is we were never taught how to get out of this place of discomfort, because our parents and teachers were never taught.

Yet there is a way to feel better, and it has been used successfully for thousands of years in Buddhism, and now in counselling and psychotherapy. It is a simple technique that can release us from these feelings right now.

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A Sense of Emptiness

If theres one emotion we hate more than most it’s a sense of emptiness when we are not doing anything. For that reason we try to make sure we are always involved with doing something. We would rather do anything than nothing. Yet if what we do does not satisfy us then we are still left with that sense of emptiness. But a feeling of emptiness just like any other negative emotion only persists because we never allow it to be. We don’t allow emptiness to be, boredom to be, embarrassment to be, shame to be. Any negative emotion if allowed to be would go away sooner or later. The moment we feel a sense of emptiness we look to fill it and if nothing will fill it in a satisfying way we are left with that same sense of emptiness. We will criticise ourselves for feeling empty, we will try to escape, but we never try to let it be. Letting it be dissolves the emptiness and is replaced by a fullness.

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