Revifer Coaching

We want to rid ourselves of uncomfortable feelings all the time. The coach can help us do this more effectively than we can for ourselves. Left to ourselves, it’s so easy to drop back into habits of self-judgement and self-criticism. When we get out of the escape habits we have developed over the years, and allow ourselves to be as we are, we will experience terrific relaxation, rising self-confidence, an absence of inner chatter. This will give us a huge amount of energy that has previously been spent fighting with ourselves.

Revifer movements

Through habit we live in our heads. We chatter away to ourselves all day everyday and most of our attention is taken by what this chattering is about. But this is just a habit. It is possile to drop our centre of gravity so that we are not taken by our thoughts but we are more centred ‘in our body. When we are more centred we experience ourselves in a new way. When we are in our heads, all we are attending to are our thoughts, we don’t even know there is a world out there, other people out there. When we are less taken by our thoughts, we are open to the rest of the world, we can connect more to others.

These unique movements are designed to help us experience being aware of what is around us. Through the Revifer technique of allowing, we experience ourselves relaxing and moving with awareness, and in connection to the others in the class, all of which provides us with a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that we can easily practice outside of the class. It is only our habit which makes us so obsessed with what we are thinking about. This habit can be dropped. We drop the habit by staying with our discomfort, being aware of it, not trying to change it.

Revifer WorkshopS

Revifer workshops include the Revifer Movements, and Revifer Coaching, as well as other activities where together we can practice the Revifer technique of allowing. Being exactly as we are, we can experience the joy of being, rather than our usual experience of being stuck in our head or in our feelings.

Revifer Talk

Our habit of wanting to escape from any discomfort, even the mildest of discomforts goes to the very heart of why it can feel our life is limited. This one habit effects our health, our sense of well being, our creativity, our sense of self worth and self esteem, even our performance on the sports field. If we can experience that escape and self judgement is simply a habit we have become accustomed to ,and if we can see how it works against us, and stops us from enjoying our lives as we could, even to understand who we are, then we can do something about it. In the talk we discuss how this one habit has such an enormous effect on our lives, and during the talk we can experience very simply how we can go against this habit.